How to Become a Vendor at Homefeathers

NOTE:  We are currently at capacity for jewelry and t-shirt vendors.
Hooray!  We’re glad you are thinking about selling your products in Homefeathers & Co.!  Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions and if you are still interested, follow the instructions below on how to submit your application to be considered.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How does this work?

Homefeathers is a boutique in downtown Ennis.  Each vendor rents a portion of the store and makes it their own. The vendor is given an ID number that they put on their price tags, along with the cost and a brief description of the item. Each vendor provides an inventory list of new items for entry into the point of sale system.  Customers take their items to the register where the cashier enters the item into the point of sale system which gives that vendor credit for that item. Each vendor can login to see his/her daily sales and reports are automatically emailed to each vendor at the close of business daily. Twice per month, Homefeathers pays the vendor for their total sales minus the next month’s rent and applicable fees.  All store bills like shopping bags, tissue paper, internet, point of sale system, surveillance cameras, electric, property insurance, etc. are paid by Homefeathers.

Vendors are not required to be present at the store to make sales, but volunteering is always appreciated. You can open a new business and sell your products without the stress and expense of having your own brick and mortar store. Your space must be kept updated, clean and replenished with product frequently.

Q:  How much does it cost?

A monthly rent for the space and a store commission on sales is charged to each vendor. These depend on the size of the space you are interested in.

Q:  What about marketing?

Homefeathers will conduct advertising campaigns through any sources deemed beneficial to the store and its vendors.  Not all advertising venues are cost effective or productive.  Advertising sources are chosen by Homefeathers.  It is encouraged that vendors also market themselves through social media.

Q:  Will my products be on the Homefeathers website?

Each vendor has the option to include their items on the website for a nominal monthly fee. Store commission on all sales applies. All product images, weights, dimensions and shipping materials must be provided by the vendor. Store staff will package and ship all items sold on the website and update the in-store inventory to reflect any online sales.

Q:  Does Homefeathers collect sales tax?

Each vendor is required to have a Texas Sales and Use Tax Permit issued by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts; however, Homefeathers collects and remits sales tax.  All vendors must complete and submit an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) W-9 form. You may be subjected to a penalty by the IRS if you do not provide this form.

Q:  What is the length of my vendor rental agreement?

Homefeathers’ vendors sign six-month vendor rental agreements with the option to renew for an additional three months thereafter.

Q:  What type of products are you looking for?

Items of major interest are antiques, signs, tumblers, handmade wreaths, skin and bath products, handcrafted furniture, pottery, pre-packaged food and drink mixes, personalized products, just to name a few.

We do not accept MLMs or “party”-type businesses, our love for parties notwithstanding. We also do not accept Harry Hines products or products which do not enter into the United States through customs.

If we have questions regarding the nature of your products, we will email you to clarify before disqualifying your application. Our store is juried to ensure our vendors are the cream of the crop. We sure hope that’s you!

Products you bring to the store must be in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal laws for the type of products you offer. It is your responsibility to know which laws apply to your products and to ensure that they are in compliance with all copyright, labeling, labor, and any other laws, rules or regulations that apply. Homefeathers has a food permit from the City of Ennis for the sale of pre-packaged food(s).  The sale of food made from private home kitchens (“cottage foods”) is not permitted within the store.  All products from vendors that are found to be in violation will be removed from the store immediately.

Q:  How does Homefeathers choose who comes into the store?

We look at all applications and make a determination on who we feel would be the best fit. We take into account the quality and unique nature of the items for sale, the look of each vendor’s merchandise, the experience of the vendor and social media presence.  We limit duplicative products to provide our shoppers a wider range of merchandise for purchase.

    Q:  How do I lease a space?

    Each vendor interested in selling should send an email to with the information listed below.  Homefeathers will review the information and notify the applicant to start the vendor rental agreement process.

    What to include in your introductory email:

      •  Your name and contact information
      •  Your company name (if applicable)
      •  Website (if applicable)
      •  Social media handles (if any)
      •  Type of merchandise (ex: decor, signs, beauty products, etc.)
      •  Description of items
      •  Price point/range of your products (please be specific)
      •  Are your goods sold anywhere locally?  If so, please list where.

     A couple of tips to speed up your application:

      • Including product photos or a catalog is super helpful and may speed up your acceptance (wink ;), especially if we have never seen your products. If you don’t send any pictures, we have no way to see if you’re a good fit.
      • If you currently sell somewhere else, send us photos of your displays.  We take great pride in the appearance of our store.

    Serious inquiries only.  We will not respond to emails requesting only pricing. 

    Thanks for your interest!  We look forward to working with you!