Himalayan Candle - Evergreen (FINAL SALE)

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An aromatic scent of fir needle, cinnamon, mint and woody sandalwood will fill your home.  Each artisan blown glass tumbler will vary slightly in its finish and texture.  Each tumbler is hand poured in Georgia, by experienced candle makers, with 12 ounces of a clean burning, United States grown, fragranced soy wax blend with a high-quality fragrance compound oil.

CAUTION:  Failure to follow instructions could result in fire hazard, injury or smoke damage.  Keep wax free of matches, wick trimmings, or other flammable materials.  Keep wick centered and trimmed 1/4" to prevent smoking & soot buildup on container or other items.  Burn only on stable and heat resistant surface for not more than 4 hours at a time.  Keep out of drafts.  Discontinue use when only 1/2" of wax remains in bottom.  Do not move candle while burning or if wax is hot.  Keep out of reach of children and pets.  Never leave a burning candle unattended.