Rose Scent Relaxing Salt Bath Tea (FINAL SALE)

Southern Magnolia Mama

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We all love soaking in a hot bath with those amazing smelling bath salts and crushed flowers. Cleaning the bathtub after that nice, relaxing soak however...kind of defeats the purpose. Solution? Bath teas! The salts in these muslin bags dissolve in your bath water while the herbs & flowers remain inside the bag for easy clean-up. The best part? The bag is compostable and reusable! Literally nothing goes to waste with these amazing bath teas!

How to use:

-fill bathtub with warm water as desired
-drop one bag of bath tea in the water and allow to steep for 2-5 mins
-squeeze bag to release all of the nutrients, and receive the full benefits of the salts & botanicals.

To clean: pour used contents into your compost or plants. the muslin bags are compostable and reusable.

rose- dried organic rose petals + buds, Epsom salt, organic pink Himalayan salt, organic gluten free oats.

lavender- dried organic lavender buds, Epsom salt, organic gluten free oats.

  • Made in Texas
  • All Natural
  • Caution: Bathtub may become slippery due to essential oils